Компания Лик-М - профессиональный электроинструмент Milwaukee
Корзина Корзина
Тел.: 570-9122, 575-2680, 572-9577, 572-9455, 793-0044, 793-0033, факс - 570-9011,
Чтобы воспользоваться корзиной, отметьте галочками нужные позиции и нажмите кнопку Положить в корзину TYPE Код D Needle mm. Length Needle mm. Hz. V. No. Vibrations per 1/min . Centrifugal power kgs. Cable length mt. Mose length mt. Max m/c yield Primary Current A Secondary Current A
T27X T27X 38 315 200 46 12,000 150 10 5 12-14 1-2 4
T40X T40X 52 375 200 46 12,000 400 10 5 15-20 6-7 22
T55X T55X 65 420 200 46 12,000 600 10 5 25-38 12 22
T75X T75X 65 470 200 46 12,000 1000 10 5 35-38 13 32

R 101/RM 106
VIBRATORS T27X - T40X - T55X - T75X
Test FAST VERDINI vibrators' power for yourselves. First turn on the vibrator then place the needle on a piece of wooden board on the floor, press down on the needle with one foot. The ERGOVIPLUS Vibrator continues non-stop without decreasing the number and strength of vibrations whereas other similar vibrators available on the market will stop when put to the same test.
When put to the test of working 24 hours per day for 30 days the ERGOVIPLUS T40X Vibrator proved its' capacity to continue working perfectly. Other available brands ceased functioning after only 2-3 8 hour days.
Ergovimplus is the brand new name of a new range of vibrators. Particular care has been taken during production for the above models in the application and choice of bearings, the type of steel employed, the casing thickness, type of switches (obviously water-tight) and all electrical components. The high frequency motor is built into the vibrating needle (vibration frequency 12,000 per min.) has a lenght and power highly superior in comparison with other vibrators. The production line includes models T27X, T40X, T55X and T75X with diameters of 38, 52,65 and 85 mm. respectively.
Upon request Ergoviplus vibrators can be equipped with "thermal protection" which preserves vibrators from eventual stator burning caused by excess electrical imput or by friction.
Burning is more often caused by one or more of the following:
1) Cutoff of one phase;
2) Overheating of vibrating neadle if left on outside of concrete;
3) Internal bearing breakage etc.
In all such cases "thermal protection" prevents the stator inside the neadle from burning the needle.
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